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Alarm Systems: Protecting your Home

When choosing home security, be sure the alarm system fits your home. You should never be boxed into small number of sensors or specific monitoring types. Protect America offers various sized packages that are affordable and can be customized to fit your needs. Secure your home and achieve peace of mind – all for the lowest price in the industry.

Secure Net Indoor Camera.

The SecureNet Indoor Camera is a device that allows the user to take, record and store images and recordings all on the Protect America Interactive Platform.

  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Two-Way Audio Communication through the App
  • One 10/100Mbps RJ45
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Power Interface
  • Reset Button
  • Built-in MicroSD Socket
  • Built-in Microphone and Speaker
  • 4 infrared LED, 5m distance

Flexible Monitoring Option

The monitoring you need at the price you deserve.

Landline Monitoring

Landline monitoring connects to your current home telephone line. Landline monitoring is perfect for homes with landlines that have poor cellular reception or lack high speed internet.

Broadband Monitoring

Broadband monitoring provides your security system with a much faster connection to the monitoring facility. Broadband is perfect for homes without landlines that have poor cellular reception.

Cellular Monitoring

Cellular monitoring connects your security system to the monitoring facility via a cellular network. Cellular monitoring is best for most homes with good cell coverage.

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Relax. With Protect America, your home is at your fingertips.

  • Arm and disarm your entire home’s security system.
  • Watch live video or record footage straight to the cloud.
  • View notifications and history of interactions.
  • Control lights and appliances from your phone.
  • Use digital door locks to secure your home.
  • Easy to use garage door control from your phone.

Lock/unlock doors, view live and recorded camera footage, get smoke and fire detection notifications, control garage doors, lights, and even thermostats. Protect America’s interactive features enable on-demand access to your entire home.

Go Beyond Burglary Protection
Adding life safety equipment is an easy way to help protect your family from unforeseen disasters. Monitored smoke detectors are essential devices that call in the fire department in the event of a fire. Medical panic pendants are great for elderly parents who might get hurt and are unable to reach a phone for help. Speak with our knowledgeable safety professionals about defending your home and family from hazards!

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Featured Life Safety Equipment

Secure your home with the latest wireless alarm technology.


Monitored Smoke Detector

Protect against hot, flaming fires and smoldering, smoky fires with these interactive devices. They contact authorities and can even send you text notifications during an emergency.


Medical Panic Pendant

Perfect for the elderly – this panic device comes in necklace or watch form and will begin an emergency response process when pressed.


Carbon Monoxide Detector

This monitored sensor is constantly searching for traces of carbon monoxide gas in the air. It can easily make the difference between life and disaster.